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Micro-influencer marketing campaigns you can measure.

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Work with the TOP CREATORS

Creators are at the center of everything we do. We connect you with top beauty industry content creators with a track record of previous performance so that you can hit the ground running.

15 million +

Weekly Social Media Reach

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Our Micro-influencer solution is focused on driving results


We help you set the baseline for a successful and measurable micro-influencer campaign.

Micro-influencer Marketing

We cast micro-influencers that have a track record for performance.

Performance UGC

We create a content foundation for all of your marketing channels through high-quality UGC production & competitor research.

Paid Media Amplification

We amplify our top-performing micro-influencers through whitelisting to ensure that we maximize the results.

Reporting & Analytics

We make sure that your success is measurable.




  • Access to the cultivators of culture. A trusted community influencers who have the power to impact trends and consumer’s buying decisions

  • A captive and receptive audience who value what their hairstylist recommends

  • Highly targeted, cherry-picked locations down to the neighborhood.

  • Affordable customized campaigns.

  • Category exclusivity- on a per venue basis.

  • African American’s currently have $1.5 Trillion (and growing) in buying power

  • Black families and individuals spend approximately $3.1 on leisure activities every year

  • African Americans make 8 times the shopping trips of any other demographic in America

  • African American women spend an average of 2-4 hours weekly in a salon

  • African Americans dine out at family restaurants 6+ visits per month

  • African Americans watch 37% more television than the general population

  • African Americans have a notable influence in American Culture: 81% more likely to influence what

  • people listen to or wear

Useful Facts
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